Class Handouts


If a moderator chooses to share them, class slides and handouts will be posted here when available. Please note that not all class slides are made available.

Moderator Professional Development: PowerPoint 

1130: Industrial Revolution in Britain and America to 1900

1243/1244: Hemp Cannabinoids—A Healthcare Professional's Perspective

1245/1246: Are They Equal in the Eyes of the Law? Black Soldiers in WWI Sheet Music

1432: Mythology of Greece and Rome

1433: The Holy City: Why Jerusalem Matters

1435: Discovering the Steps of Cincinnati: A Treasure Hidden in Plain Sight

1438: Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

2024: Managing a Home Project or Planning a Big Event on Time, on Budget, and on Scope

2234: Wonders and Mysteries of the Atom

2328: For the Love of Music

2456: Contemporary Economic Policy Issues

2458/2459: Your Brain Health and Wellness

2460/2461: Addressing Health Equity in the Cincinnati Region

2462/2463: Citizen Science for Seniors

3408: Newest Technologies for 2023 and Beyond

3512: Wonderful World of Jewelry and Precious Gems

3809: Back to the Moon

5051/5052: Solutions for Empowering the Sandwich Generation and Their Senior Parents