Class Handouts

FALL 2023

If a moderator chooses to share them, class slides and handouts will be posted here when available. Please note that not all class slides are made available.

Moderator Professional Development: PowerPoint 

1107: Political Polarization - History, Sources, Impact, Tools

1300: America's Challenges: What Can We Learn from Other Countries?

1407: Best Ways to Enjoy Using Your PC Computer: An Introduction

1601: Exploring the Blue Zones and the Secrets of Longevity

1702/1703: Australia: Travel Planning Tips

1902/1903: Psychology of Censorship

2302: Visits with Complementary and Alternative Medical Specialists

2303: Space Exploration Company (SpaceX): The First 21 Years

2402: Big Bang, Collapsing Stars, Tectonic Plates, Bonds, and Graphene

2405/2406: For the Love of Music

2514/2515: A Duck Walks into a Bar... Introduction to the History of Comedy in America

3009: Everything You Need to Know to Write Your Novel—In Two Hours!

8301: Indispensable Composers