Class Handouts

Winter 2021 Class Handouts


1020 Our Constitution

1030 Gardening 101

Feb 15 Ohio State University Extension & Soil Testing presentation

1132 Stay Updated about Future new Technologies, Part 6

1136 American Art in the 20th Century

1144 Travel Close to Home: Western Pennsylvania Road Trip

1146 Good Books for Exploring Our Understanding of Racial History

1148 Growing beyond Hunger

1232 Life Cycle of Stars

1243 Your Hard-Earned Possessions: Downsizing, Donating, and Recycling

1244 Cult and Conspiracy


1347 Bounce Back from Prolonged Toxic Stress

1337 Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

1340 Gemology, Jewelry, and the Jewelry Business

1341 For the Love of Music

1348 21st Century Volunteering: Cincinnati Cares

1408 Managing Healthcare Costs