Class Handouts


Class slides and handouts will be posted here when available. Please note that not all class slides are made available for copyright reasons.

Moderator Professional Development: PowerPoint 

1017/18: The Cold War: Strategies of Containment 

1216/17: Role of Healthcare Professionals in Functional Medicine 

1422: Commerical Air Wars: Strategies that Changed Commerical Aviation 

1524: CRSPR, DNA, RNA, & Walter Isaacson's Book The Code Breaker 

1623: Layperson's Guide to Recognizing and Responding to Mental Illness 

2010: Resolutions Suck: Simple Habits Win! 

2221/22: General Medical Information to Help You Manage Your Health and Healthcare 

2316/17: For the Love of Music

2433/34: Let Us Tell You About Our Friends on Ohio Death Row

3507: DNA: From the Basics to the Esoteric on the Stuff of Life

4001: History of Positive Magic