Class Handouts


If a moderator chooses to share them, class slides and handouts will be posted here when available. Please note that not all class slides are made available.

Moderator Professional Development: PowerPoint 

1259/1260: One-Term Presidents, 1801-1993

1261/1262: Senior Health Care Trends through 2030

1544: Causes of America’s Wars


1654: Creating What's Next


1728/1729: Why Do Baseball Players Make So Much Money?

1735: The Solvay Conference of 1927 and the Wireless Revolution

2236: Visits with Medical Specialists and Experts

2332: Glaciers, Earthquakes/Tsunamis, Erosion in Utah, Formation of Mountains

2334/2335: For the Love of Music

2476/2477: 100 Things to do in Cincinnati Before You Die

2480/2481: Protecting LGBTQ+ Students and Students of Color

2528/2529: Supreme Activism by Justices Making Law

2711: Introduction to American Sign Language Through Song

2839: Powerful PowerPoint Presentations

2843: Review of the Human Immune System and Genetics

3812: Short Course in Energy Conversion

5065/5066: Inside Look at Today's Criminal Justice System

5075/5076: CET Public Television: Beyond Broadcast, Thanks to "Viewers Like You"

6041: Are You the Conductor of Your Care?