Selling With Authentic Persuasion Course

This course teaches salespeople authentic and ethical persuasion techniques, emphasizing self-awareness, trust-building, and customer-centric selling. It covers effective communication, objection handling, and closing strategies.

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Selling With Authentic Persuasion Course

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Instructor: Jason Cutter

Location: Online

This course is designed to help salespeople become sales professionals by improving their skills so they can achieve success in their careers. The course is focused on the concept of "Authentic Persuasion," which involves first understanding yourself (the Authentic part), your motivations, your strengths, the traits needed to be successful, and your fears.  

This the course will guide you through the key principles of the Persuasion portion of the sales process, including how to build trust with customers, how to uncover their needs and motivations, and how to present solutions that align with their goals. And in a way that doesn’t feel gross, slimy, pushy, or requires manipulations/tricks/games. The course also covers essential sales techniques such as effective communication, objection handling, and closing strategies.

About Your Instructor

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Jason Cutter

Jason started consulting in the beginning of 2019 with the goal of helping companies improve their sales operations. He has worked with thousands of salespeople, across dozens of industries.

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