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Live Online Classroom-style Prep Course Plus Personal Coaching

Nearly 75% of the questions that a typical student gets wrong on the MCAT are missed because of strategy, not because of lack of science.  

Many of our students get the score that they need simply by improving their timing strategy. When timing is combined with powerful problem-solving strategies for CARS and the science sections, most students can achieve their highest potential.

The strategies taught in this program have been tested and refined over 30 years of test prep experience with over a thousand students worldwide.

About the Course

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Our program includes both personal coaching with Mr. Cutts and an option for classroom-style sessions (June-August). 

The personal coaching covers all MCAT strategy but does not include coaching on science review. The coaching program provides a structured science review schedule using print and video materials. Mr. Cutts coaches you directly on strategies for timing, scientific problem solving, CARS problem solving, maximizing your score, and strategies for a successful application. You can call him as much as you need.

The availability of classroom-style sessions depends on enrollment and is not guaranteed. Sessions  are conducted via video conferencing. There are seven four-hour classes, each on a unique content area of the test, including one class specifically on CARS and scientific problem-solving strategy.

Start When You're Ready

You can begin MCAT coaching at any time. Registration is good for twelve months. The summer classroom sessions begin in early June and consist of 4-hour sessions over seven weeks. A typical program consists of starting early in the year with coaching, taking the summer classes, and taking your MCAT in late summer.

What is Personal Coaching?

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Personal coaching is the best way to learn the timing, testing, and problem-solving strategies necessary to master the MCAT.

Many commercial prep programs offer little or no personal coaching. Those that do are often very expensive and the coaches often have only a few years experience. Most focus on content review and do not offer substantial help with strategy.

We are excited to offer you a chance to work directly with one of the top MCAT strategy experts at a reasonable price. In addition to coaching, the classroom sessions use a unique, hands-on approach to learning how to apply your science knowledge to actual MCAT questions.

About Your Instructor

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Jay Cutts

Director, Cutts Graduate Reviews, Lead Author Barron's MCAT Prep Book

Jay Cutts is the lead author of the Barron's LSAT and MCAT prep books and a 30-year test prep and admissions expert. He specializes in individualized instruction and advanced strategies for math, test anxiety, and problem-solving.