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Find out how much fun it can be learning to play an instrument or mastering the dance steps to the Swing. Our no-pressure music and dance classes make it easy to relax and learn from instructors with advanced training and professional experience in music and movement instruction.

Course Title Start Date Enroll  
Belly Dancing 01/09/2023 Enroll Now  
Bridgerton/Jane Austen Era Social Dance 02/01/2023 Enroll Now  
Country Two-Step
03/22/2023 Enroll Now  
Learn to Swing Dance 02/01/2023 Enroll Now  
Course Title Start Date Enroll
Fiddling Level 1 01/10/2023 Enroll Now
Fiddling Level 2 01/10/2023 Enroll Now
Play Violin by Ear 01/10/2023 Enroll Now

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