What to Wear

Learn how to choose the right colors to enhance your appearance and boost confidence. These classes guide you in creating a personalized color palette for clothing, accessories, makeup, and hair that suits your lifestyle.

person thrifting a jacket

Thrifting with Style

Wednesday, April 24, 6:30 - 8:30PM
$29 / One Class

Instructor: Nanci Glendening and Ann Baker
Location: Victory Parkway Campus

Thrifting for clothing has been around for years, and now it has become a major trend!  It has for multiple reasons:  the increased concern for ecological sustainability in comparison to the wastefulness of that mega-polluter, ‘fast-fashion;’ cruelty in clothing mills and sweatshops; being able to pull off an attractive personal fashion and style statement without breaking the bank.  There is a renewed appreciation in wearing quality; yet, quality has deteriorated in fabric, construction and design. 

But knowing how to thrift shop isn’t as simple as just running to the mall.  It takes know-how and planning to ensure you’re successful, and not just purchasing another item that you’ll just put in your own donation pile (we’ve all been there).  

Join Nanci and Ann in this fun session for their ultimate guide on how to successfully thrift for style, and enjoy the experience! They will share great advice on how to approach the experience, great tips on searching for pieces, and what to avoid. You’ll get a few personal tips, too!

people holding large colored circles

Finding Your Best Personal Colors

*Check back for later dates
$29 / One Class

Instructor: Nanci Glendening
Location: Victory Parkway Campus

Achieve that healthy, well-coordinated, and polished look by wearing the colors that help you appear at your best. Using color correctly, you can present yourself with confidence and feel good about the way you look. This class will help identify your most becoming colors for clothing, accessories, makeup, and hair in a personal color palette that fits your lifestyle. Class is suitable for all genders.

Headshot of Nanci Glendening

Nanci Glendening

Image Consultant

Nanci Glendening, co-founder and past president of the Association of Image Consultants International OH-PA Chapter, has conducted appearance and etiquette programs for all types of organizations. She is a former Miss Cincinnati USA and model.