Goal-Achieving for People Who CAN’T Follow Through!

This class focuses on goal consistency issues, using creative methods like doodling and writing to cultivate inspiration, align actions with future goals, and navigate setbacks.

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Goal-Achieving for People Who CAN'T Follow Through!

Saturday, April 13, 1:30-3:00PM
Tuesday, April 23, 6:30-8:00PM
$49 / One Class

Instructor: Karen Light
Location: Victory Parkway Campus

Sure.  You got some goals you want to achieve this year, but you have some serious doubts about achieving them because you:

  • seem to start strong, but fizzle along the way
  • have a hard time prioritizing the time to make it happen
  • are resistant to routines and doing the same thing all the time (boring!)

If one or all of the above rings true, then this creative workshop is for you.  Through doodling, writing, and reflecting, we will dive into how to cultivate inspiration for the long-haul, how to take action aligned with the future you who has achieved their goal, and creative strategies for getting back on track when we inevitably go off course.  

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Karen Light

Karen Light, a skilled Professional Artist, Creative Coach, and Entrepreneur, is lit up by her calling to Awaken Creative Power. She believes that creativity is an innate human quality that is not only about making art - it is about making our lives!