A Handful of Stitches: Develop Your Own Creative Embroidery Practice

Master embroidery essentials in this comprehensive class, exploring basics, design styles, fabric transfer, stitching with found objects, and incorporating paint, beads, and paper, with insights from modern artists, detailed stitch instructions, and ample hands-on time.

picture of an embroidery design

A Handful of Stitches: Develop Your Own Creative Embroidery Practice

Wednesdays, July 10, 17 & 24, 6:00-7:30PM
$75 / Three Classes

Instructor: Jennifer Smith
Location: Victory Parkway Campus

By mastering a handful of stitches you can learn to create wonderful works of embroidery.  Jennifer Smith will share work from modern embroidery artists who are creating amazing works using only a handful of stitches. The class will review the basics of embroidery, design styles, how to transfer a design to fabric, stitching with found objects, as well as incorporating paint and beads and, stitching on paper. Each class will include a study of a few modern embroidery artists for inspiration, detailed instructions on new stitches, and plenty of hands-on stitching time.  A private Facebook page will allow students to share their work, ask questions, have easy access to the instructor between scheduled class days, and learn more about hand embroidery.  All supplies will be provided, but students are encouraged to purchase their own embroidery scissors. 

About Your Instructor

Headshot of Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith, self-taught embroidery maker, founder of The Stitched Art Society, featured in RedFin, Winnipeg Free Press, and galleries.

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