Choose Happiness

Unlock happiness in 90 minutes! Dive into well-being science and practical actions. Choose joy today!

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Choose Happy

Wednesday, May 8, 6:00PM
$29 / One Class

Instructor: Marisela Ramos
Location: Victory Parkway Campus

What makes you happy?
Do you consider yourself a Happy person?
Where are you looking for Happiness?
As human beings, we get the chance to make choices everyday. I want to invite you to CHOOSE HAPPY!

In this 90 minute conference, we will learn about the Science of Wellbeing. The difference between Feeling happy and Being Happy. You will walk out with practical actions to take control of your happiness.

About Your Instructor

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Marisela Ramos

Marisela Ramos: Life cheerleader, Positive Psychology Facilitator, "Heal Your Life" coach. Passionate about gratitude and abundance.

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