Real Estate: Originating Deals

Join this class to master the art of converting cold calls into clients, exploring methods, tips, and the psychology behind successful outreach to ensure a consistent deal flow and eliminate business lulls.

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Real Estate: Originating Deals

Wednesday, May 22 - July 17, 6:00 - 7:30PM
*No class on July 3
$180 / 8 Classes

Instructor: J.T. Meert
Location: Victory Parkway Campus

Why is it difficult to convert a cold call to a client? Is there an art to prospecting? Join us to explore different methods, tips, and the psychology of a cold call. Discover tools to keep your deal flow consistent and never have a lapse in business again! Your instructor, a Commercial Real Estate Agent at CURO BRKG, will discuss, mentor, and workshop your style and techniques to improve your conversion rate. Recommended to bring a Laptop or notebook.

About Your Instructor

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J.T. Meert

Commercial real estate advisor at CURO • BRKG with nearly 5 years of industry experience specializing in industrial assets and expert in originating deals; committed to training and instilling confidence in agents.

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