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New A&S Certificate Programs Beginning Fall Quarter

Starting this fall, the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences will offer three new certificates: religious studies, film and media and critical visions.

Date: 8/29/2011 12:00:00 AM
By: Ryan Varney
Phone: (513) 556-4190

UC ingot   This fall the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) will offer three new certificates for students at the University of Cincinnati. These multidisciplinary studies give students a wide breadth of knowledge for their future careers and academic endeavors.

For more information, visit the departmental website or contact each program’s director.

Certificate in Religious Studies
The certificate in religious studies will help students engage in well-informed and thoughtful discourse about religion and specific religious traditions. The program fosters critical thinking about diverse religious perspectives and methodologies. As a multidisciplinary introduction to religion, students examine religious traditions through literary analysis, philosophy, sociology, anthropology and history.

“The field of religious studies, namely the rigorous and critical study of diverse religions and religious ideas, as well as their historical significance seen in the context of cultural interplay and mutual influence, is a pivotal component of a solid humanities and liberal arts education. Understanding the underpinning of various religious ideas helps our students get a better grasp of other cultures, and the vast landscape of human faith. We are delighted to see that our undergraduate students flock to our new introductory course this fall,” says Gila Safran Naveh, head of the Department of Judaic Studies.

Certificate in Film and Media Studies
The film and media studies certificate helps students develop the media literacy that new social networking systems and global media outlets demand. The program emphasizes creativity, communication, critical thinking and responsible living in community with others. It prepares students for a lifetime of learning through an interdisciplinary approach which helps identify major events, trends and concepts of film and media history and theory.

“Film, television, video games and the internet are part of an increasingly visual culture, which A&S’s brand new certificate program in film and media studies allows students to explore the rich history of this culture. Whatever your major field of study is—English or political science, opera or architecture—chances are good that media play an increasingly vital role in that field. This certificate is a great way to supplement your major and demonstrate broad and deep knowledge of this vital 21st-century topic,” says Todd Herzog, a German studies associate professor in the program.

 “This program is unique. Not only is it multidisciplinary, but it is also multicultural, including films and media from Asia, the Middle East or Africa as well as those from the United States and Europe,” adds Grace Epstein, program director and English associate professor.

Critical Visions Certificate
The critical visions certificate is a joint endeavor between A&S and the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP). Through its cross-college curriculum students will learn to combine critical theory and social analysis with art, media and design practice.

The program provides a basis for understanding the social and political ramifications of advertising, art, media, popular culture and science. This basis will help students in developing new artistic, media and design forms and practices that can change the ways of seeing and explaining the world.

“Geared towards cultivating not just a sophisticated academic visual literacy, but an applied and critical approach to ways of seeing—ranging from advertising and art to popular culture and science. This certificate teaches students what is at stake in how we see and provides them with the critical, analytical and studio-based skills they need to thoughtfully create new visual forms. It offers students a unique cross-college curriculum that combines studio courses in DAAP with social analysis and critical theory offerings from A&S,” says Stephanie Sadre-Orafai, program co-director and anthropology assistant professor.

For a full list of academic programs in the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, visit the programs page.

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