WVXU: Can you see yourself in a flying car?

WVXU highlights the student club FlyUC, which is building a flying car for a national competition

The dream of a flying car is coming closer to reality through the hard work of University of Cincinnati students who are competing in a national competition.

Cincinnati Public Radio profiled the UC club FlyUC and its efforts to overcome gravity in a story that looked at the future of flying cars.

More than a dozen private companies are working on flying-car technology. To spur innovation, Boeing is sponsoring a flying-car competition that UC students hope to win.

UC's team designed a quadcopter with a triangular wing that takes off vertically and flies horizontally like an airplane.

"Our ideal range is 30 minutes, so maybe a trip to the grocery store or maybe a recreational flight – something quick," UC student Hayden Morgan told WVXU. "It's not going to be for taking your friends for a night on the town."

Students working under the supervision of UC engineering professor Shaaban Abdallah hope their ideas will contribute to an industry where the sky is the limit.

Featured image at top: UC student Jacob Gamertsfelder holds up an early version of a flying car FlyUC designed. Photo/Jay Yocis/UC Creative Services


Some members of FlyUC pose in front of their logos for FlyUC and HyperloopUC. Pictured from left: Dival Banerje, Jacob Gamertsfelder, Heath Palmer, UC professor Shaaban Abdallah and Hayden Morgan. Photo/Jay Yocis/UC Creative Services

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