Goering Center news: Lift 2020

Experts will present stories and strategies to lift up the Greater Cincinnati business community

By Lisa Jonas

Is your team fired up and aligned, driving your company to achieve its most important objectives? Not so much? This October, seize the opportunity to clarify your vision and rally your team to deliver the results your company needs this year, next year and every year after that.

Lift 2020, taking place Oct. 3 between 7:30 a.m. and noon at the Kingsgate Conference Center, is a first-of-its-kind event for the Goering Center. At this half-day program for business owners and their management teams, we will bring together experts from across our rich learning community, focused on one explicit purpose: Lifting your organization to achieve your vision for the benefit of all of us.

Our keynote speaker will be Pete Blackshaw, CEO of Cintrifuse. Blackshaw will share how Cintrifuse is growing an innovation economy, ensuring Greater Cincinnati’s long-term economic vitality. He will help you find the inspiration to unlock your inner visionary, and motivate your own community of employees, customers and partners to create lasting impact.

Leading up to Blackshaw's keynote address, we will hear from eight different speakers, each addressing critical elements that a business culture must embrace to consistently deliver results:

  • Organizational design expert Sonya Hall, president and owner of Thrive Village, will uncover the biases that drive misaligned organizations and will provide the culture-building advice to stack the odds in your favor.
  • Ripple Junction CEO Neil Hoynes, with Clark Schaefer Hackett’s Peter Olmsted, will tell how big dreams, paired with tough calls, helped the licensed apparel company double their business in just three years.
  • Data management experts Katie Lafollette and David Murray, both of Centric Consulting, will show you how to build an infrastructure that measures performance so you have insights you need to ensure you’re moving in the right direction.
  • Corporate Consciousness President Deni Tato will inspire you to leverage your emotional intelligence — and her proven feedback formula — to create better outcomes and a culture that fosters personal development.
  • Gilman Partners director of communication and education Angel Beets will share the top trends in attracting and retaining talent. Assess your organization’s current talent strategies and adjust to meet today’s workforce demands.
  • As CEO for organizations large and small, Joe Morgan’s inclusive planning approach relies on simplifying strategy and knowing his team’s strengths. Hear how he taps into his organization’s deep knowledge base to deliver results.

2020 is rich with opportunity to elevate our vision of success as individual companies and collectively as a community that wants to make Greater Cincinnati an economic benchmark region.

If you own a family or private business you must be clear on what you are trying to achieve. You must be capable of communicating that vision to your team, and that team must be aligned — and excited by — their shared pursuit of that vision.

Join us Oct. 3 for this high-energy, high-impact session that will help you close the year out strong and suit up for a stellar start to a decade of lift.

Lisa Jonas is the Operations & Program Director at the Goering Center. Reach Lisa at lisa.jonas@uc.edu or 513-556-7403.

About the Goering Center for Family & Private Business
Established in 1989, the Goering Center serves more than 400 member companies, making it North America’s largest university-based educational non-profit center for family and private businesses. The Center’s mission is to nurture and educate family and private businesses to drive a vibrant economy. Affiliation with the Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati provides access to a vast resource of business programing and expertise. Goering Center members receive real-world insights that enlighten, strengthen and prolong family and private business success. For more information on the Center, participation and membership visit goering.uc.edu.

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