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Time capsule to be sealed during Homecoming weekend

In celebrating the ongoing journey of the university and the UC family, our Bicentennial has been highlighting the connections between our past, present and future. In that spirit, the UC Alumni Association is partnering with the UC Bicentennial to create a special time capsule that will “travel” through the next 50 years. It will be filled with a variety of artifacts, sealed within Fifth Third Arena at the UC Bicentennial Bash during Homecoming Weekend, then reopened by members of the Bearcat family in 2069 when UC marks its 250th anniversary.

We would love to receive your thoughts and submissions for this fun project. All the details are here, including some idea-starters for the kinds of things new generations might find compelling a half century from now. But we really want to tap into the imaginations of today’s Bearcats in order to creatively reach out to the Bearcats of tomorrow. What would you like to see go into the time capsule?

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