Hoxworth Blood Center treating donors during “SockTober”

No tricks here: Hoxworth is giving away spooky Halloween socks to blood donors

Image of spooky socks from Hoxworth Blood Center

Hoxworth Blood Center at the University of Cincinnati has scared up a “spook-tacular” promotion to help replenish the local blood supply — by offering donors festive socks during “SockTober”.

Hoxworth Blood Center will be handing out limited-edition, Halloween-themed socks to all blood and platelet donors who donate at one of seven Neighborhood Donor Centers from Sunday, October 20 through Monday, October 28. Donors can choose from either a jack-o-lantern design or a vampire design.

“The scariest thing for blood banks to see during Halloween season is empty shelves that should be stocked with blood products,” said Alecia Lipton, Hoxworth spokesperson. “With the changing temperatures and the holiday season quickly approaching, blood banks across the country plan to see a drop in blood donations. As we head into November, we are asking our community to help us be as prepared as possible in order to provide local patients with the blood products they need.” 

Lipton also noted that Hoxworth needs to collect at least 400 units of blood and 50 units of platelets each day to keep up with the demand of over 30 local hospitals.

Hoxworth operates seven Neighborhood Donor Centers in the Tri-State area. Donors can schedule their donation by calling (513) 451-0910 or by visiting www.hoxworth.org.


About Hoxworth:

Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati was founded in 1938 and serves over 30 hospitals and medical facilities in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Hoxworth collects blood from local donors to help save the lives of patients in area hospitals. Hoxworth Blood Center.  All Types Welcome.

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