Report of the McMicken Working Group

President's message on report

Dear UC Community,

Last academic year, a special university-wide working group was charged with examining Charles McMicken’s historical affiliation with the College of Arts & Sciences. 

The working group worked diligently to research McMicken’s life and legacy; determine how his name has been associated with the College over the course of its history; review how other universities have approached similar situations; and solicit input from various stakeholders across our campus community. Additionally, the working group developed a set of principles to guide future considerations. 

The result is a well-informed report detailing the working group’s findings and recommendations. In the interest of discovery and transparency, the full report is available here. I encourage all of us to take the time to read and reflect on it in full. If you want to share your thoughts on the working group’s efforts, please do so here.

On behalf of the University, I want to extend my admiration and appreciation to the working group, chaired by Droege Professor of Law Louis D. Bilionis, dean emeritus of` the College of Law, and Dr. Janet Reid, a nationally respected expert on equity and inclusion, for the countless hours they devoted to this endeavor. I also want to thank the campus community for sharing your perspectives with the group.

In terms of next steps, I plan to study the report in its entirety before making my recommendations to the Board of Trustees in the coming weeks. 

Thank you for your interest and engagement.


Neville G. Pinto


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