SuccessFactors Compliance Courses Updates & Notifications

The Staff Success Center has made updates to the process for deploying compliance courses within SuccessFactors. The new process is an automated process that will ensure required compliance courses are assigned to new hires and reassigned on an annual basis.

While these changes take effect, a majority of users across the University will receive notifications from UCLEARNING@UC.EDU saying they have had courses such as Everfi:HIPAA, Everfi: Ferpa Basics added to their learning assignments.


  • If a user has not completed the mentioned courses in the last 365 days, the courses will be on their learning assignments to complete.
    • Some users may have courses that are “overdue.” The updated process has caught some oversights for reassigning courses, please complete overdue courses as soon as possible.


  • If a user has completed the mentioned courses within the last 365 days, they will still receive the email notification; however, the learning assignments will not appear on their My Learning Assignments tile until the courses are within 30 days of their due date.


Please email if you have questions.