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US News and World Report: Differences in how cardio and strength affect your health

UC cardiologist offers thoughts on exercise and cardiovascular health

The debate over which is best, cardio or strength training, is an ongoing one among exercise enthusiasts. But the two aren’t really mutually exclusive, say health expert. For most people, how much time you should devote to cardiovascular forms of exercise versus resistance training depends on what you enjoy most in your fitness routine.

Dr. Richard Becker, director of the UC Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute, cautioned if you are about to start weight training, it is best not to begin with heavy weights or resistance that can tire or injure muscles or joints. Some exercises that are good for type 2 muscle fibers and serve as alternatives include hiking, running, swimming laps, heavy yard work, cycling and cross-country skiing.

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Dr. Becker has also been interviewed by other media, including the New York Times, for his expertise on age and bypass surgery for heart attack patients.

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