UC launches engineering education student group

Student chapter of the American Society for Engineering Education is open to all

ASEE UC chapter logo

The University of Cincinnati now has a student chapter of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). The group is open to undergraduate and graduate UC students from any major who have an interest in any aspect of engineering education. 

The group, which held its first general meeting Feb. 19, aims to be a resource for students who are interested in improving engineering as a discipline in colleges. Chapter leaders also hope to encourage student and faculty collaboration toward the goal of enhancing undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering education at UC. 

The UC group's leadership team is planning various activities for the future of ASEE. The group will engage with local K-12 students and their teachers to get them excited about engineering. Speakers will be invited to present at meetings about their experience as engineering educators. Members could have a chance to attend regional and national engineering education conferences and seminars.  

Forging mentorships among members is also a top priority, said Jutshi Agarwal, president of UC ASEE who is an aerospace engineer and current UC doctoral student in engineering education. The chapter is inviting anyone interested in being a mentor to reach out to them.

“We want upperclass students to mentor first-year students; upperclass students interested in research or graduate school to be mentored by graduate students; and graduate students who want to pursue a career in academia to be mentored by faculty members,” Agarwal said.  

A member of the executive board addresses attendees at the first UC ASEE meeting.

A member of the executive board, Tala Bras, addresses attendees at the first UC ASEE meeting held in February. Photo/provided.

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