Business Courier Op-Ed: Gov. DeWine delivers lessons in crisis leadership

UC executive vice president says governor has 'helped Ohioans become their better selves'

By Executive Vice President Ryan Hays

Without baseball, America’s new pastime has become pitting the economy against public health.

Sure, it is a much-needed debate. Most policy discussions are. But this issue has all the makings of a highly politicized, deeply polarizing cage match. And the lone survivors won’t be reason and civility.

Before we get too militant about the future we want, let’s consider the past we saved. Since the onset of this pandemic, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s leadership has been exceptional. To clarify, I am a student of leadership, not politics. If you, like me, want to improve on your ability to lead during a crisis, take these three lessons from DeWine’s example to heart.

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