MedPage Today: Autopsies Turn Up Strange Feature of COVID-19 Lungs

UC cardiologist says COVID-19 also leads to blood clots

Richard Becker, MD, director of the UC Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute, discussed the impact COVID-19 is having on the lungs and cardiovascular system of patients during an interview with MedPage Today.  Becker’s recent research publication on of COVID-19-associate coagulopathy in the Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis was also cited.

COVID-19 lungs in deceased showed severe endothelial injury associated with the presence of intracellular virus and disrupted cell membranes. This evidence of virus in endothelial cells "suggests there is a direct cause and effect for the virus in this very profound inflammatory response and thrombosis response,” explains Becker, also a UC Health cardiologist during his interview with Medpage Today.

The Medpage Today interview is available online.

The latest research from Richard Becker, MD, is also available online.

Becker was also featured discussing blood clots and COVID-19 on a segment on Cincinnati's Local 12 News.

Featured image at top: Richard Becker, MD,  (center) shown with colleague. Photo/Colleen Kelley/UC Creative + Brand.

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