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Cincinnati Enquirer: Trainer's farewell to Ginsburg salutes value of strength training

UC director of sports medicine discusses benefits of exercise for everyone

In the wake of the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, media reported the importance of strength training for Ginsburg and older Americans in general. Her personal trainer of 20 years, paid his respects to Justice Ginsburg during a visit to her flag-draped casket on Sept. 25. He inclined his head. A moment later, he dropped to the floor and from the tips of his fingers and dress shoes fired off three push-ups. Then he popped to his feet again. The gesture was in remembrance of Ginsburg.

Angelo Colosimo, MD, an associate professor in the UC College of Medicine and a UC Health orthopedic surgeon, discussed the benefits of regular workouts with weights and flexibility exercises no matter how old you are. He spoke to the Cincinnati Enquirer for an article that remembered Ginsburg but also touted the benefits of strength training.

“There is science and evidence-based research that it does work, it does help, it does keep you young,” Colosimo, told the Enquirer.

At 62, Colosimo does lifting four or five times a week. About 150 minutes a week of strength training can slow the loss of bone and muscle and improve balance, reducing the risk of a fall. And amid a pandemic of an infectious virus, regular exercise also defends the body’s immune system.

Read the Enquirer interview online.

Featured image of individual lifting a weight is courtesy of Unsplash.