Recent UC Law alum argues in Ohio Supreme Court Case

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Celia Klug Weingartner '18

In what was a unique opportunity and achievement for a recent graduate, Celia Klug Weingartner ’18 recently had an opportunity to litigate before the Supreme Court of Ohio in the case In re A.M., Slip Opinion No. 2020-Ohio-5102.

For Weingartner, the preparation process was fairly intensive, requiring plenty of research, reading, and practicing.

“I read the guidebook and rules for arguing cases in the Ohio Supreme Court,” she recalls, “spoke with colleagues to discuss their processes, and watched a lot of arguments in the OSC archives.”

From there, she honed in on her oral argument and ensured the average non-attorney listener could understand it as well.

“I practiced extensively the week leading up to the argument; I practiced like it was real-time and my friends interjected and asked questions, the way the justices do.” And in accordance with today’s virtual environment, she also practiced on Zoom to become more accustomed to the virtual argument experience. All of her preparation helped ensure her arguments went smoothly on the day of.

“It's a lot of preparation time for an event that typically lasts about thirty minutes,” she recalls.

Weingartner is no stranger to extensive preparation, which allows her to achieve the goals she sets out for her clients.

“My goal in every case,” she says, “is to get my client their best outcome.” To do this, she works closely with them to identify their goals and situation, and then strategizes ways to reach them. When reflecting on her work, she says “I enjoy being an advocate and walking people through difficult situations.”

I enjoy being an advocate and walking people through difficult situations.

Celia Klug Weingartner

Currently, she practices law at Treleven and Klingensmith Law LLC., a small firm that allows her to be involved in different types of legal work and maintain a client-centered practice; she is most excited to continue growing in the job and exploring additional types of legal work.

“I love working with my clients and it's always exciting to continue to work with people,” she says.

Time at UC Law

When reflecting back on her time at UC Law, Weingartner says “my Cincinnati Law experience gave me a lot of hands-on learning. I took a lot of classes that allowed me to learn about the practice of law as opposed to just academia.” The extensive opportunities for fellowships, internships, and externships all enhanced her UC experience and prepared her to enter the workforce. Most notably, she was a fellow for the Ohio Innocence Project.

She calls it her favorite UC Law experience, one that was like no other. While she learned client-management, investigative and legal argument skills, it was the work beyond the legal practice aspect that stuck with her. “I learned a lot about broken systems, how to fix them, and how to work on a team. I love the Ohio Innocence Project and the work will always remain dear to my heart.”


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