Thomas W. Mangold Scholarship awarded to UC DAAP student

By Jeff Hummeldorf

The inaugural Thomas W. Mangold Scholarship has been awarded to Sean Dwyer, 20, of Price Hill, a second-year industrial design student at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP).

The industrial design program at UC is a five-year program. The $950 scholarship will be applied toward Dwyer’s tuition and fees. 

Dwyer said he took an exploration year as a freshman in order to get electives out of the way and bolster his resume. He wrote a 400-word essay on why he believed he needed the money and explained his career path.

“I’d like to express my sincerest thanks on behalf of myself and DAAP,” he said. “I appreciate the financial help the scholarship provides. I’ll be in school for two years longer than I or my parents thought I would be; this worried me when deciding what I should do while I was in exploratory.”

Dwyer said he chose industrial design for his major because it’s one of the broadest fields in design.

“I’ll be able to make things from a computer stand to a guitar, from a radio to packaging, focusing on how people use products,” he said. “I’ve always enjoyed art and building things, designing and looking at how to improve things. I like the analytical and building aspects you find in engineering coupled with a liberal arts aesthetic.”

Dwyer said he’s been taking courses online at home during the pandemic because his grandfather lives with his family and is at risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus. Dwyer said he models projects on his home computer and uses cardboard and paper to build out ideas.

“It’s not the same experience as being with other students and using the woodshop, for example,” he said. “But I know of other students who have it worse, so I can’t complain.”

In January 2020, Casco Manufacturing Solutions’ CEO Melissa Mangold announced the establishment of the Thomas W. Mangold scholarship in industrial design at UC. The scholarship is named after her father, who recently died at the age of 94.

 “My three sisters and I wanted to honor our father and his commitment to making top-quality products,” said Mangold. “We always like to say, ‘It all starts with a piece of fabric.’ When our father owned the company, he also modeled how to foster a caring, family-like corporate culture at Casco that treats everyone fairly and with respect — employees, customers, as well as vendors.  I’ll always be grateful for that, as well as our loyal, detail-oriented employees.”

Casco is one of a handful of soft goods manufacturers left in the U.S. A woman-owned company, it has operated in Camp Washington since 1959. It specializes in cutting, sealing, and sewing original equipment manufacturing– making top-quality products for industry leaders in healthcare, government and institutional markets. 

Early during the pandemic, Casco began making affordable, washable and reusable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that includes face masks; shoe and boot covers; medical gowns; and head bonnets. The products are registered with the Food and Drug Administration.

The products are best used for frontline medical providers or medical professionals seeing patients, such as nurses, technicians or physical therapists. The masks are suitable for up to Level 2 medical care. Casco is currently testing Level 3 masks. Casco PPE can also be used by medical office administrative staff, long-term care facilities, surgical centers, home-care health providers, manufacturing, meatpacking; retail stores, and the general public to prevent the spread of infection. 

In addition to its annual scholarship, Casco also hires two industrial designers from DAAP each semester to help bring either existing product designs to market or develop product concepts that fit its wide market niche.

“We also want to demonstrate that small businesses can provide an exciting career for these budding designers,” said Mangold. “A few of the students we’ve hired have been offered full time Casco positions after graduation.”

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