UC community called to recognize service-learning excellence

Jack Twyman Award nominations open now through March 5

University of Cincinnati faculty, students and staff are invited to nominate a faculty member or team to receive the 2021 Jack Twyman Award for Service-Learning now through March 5.

The award recognizes a collaborative educational team or individual who:

  • has incorporated service-learning into one or more academic courses,
  • actively collaborates with community partners,
  • upholds values of respect, responsibility, inclusiveness and integrity,
  • finds creative ways to support community organizations and the people they serve, and
  • seeks to build relationships that continue after the service-learning project or class ends.

In 2020, the award went to Megan Church-Nally, PhD, assistant professor-educator in psychology and organizational leadership in the College of Arts and Sciences. Her course, Foundations of Nonprofit and Community Leadership, gives students practical experience in the nonprofit world while generating fresh, workable ideas for local nonprofit organizations. Read the full story.

Service-Learning is a powerful approach to education that pushes students outside the classroom to produce work of real value to a community organization. Hundreds of faculty across the university employ service-learning every year, impacting thousands of students. In fact, the University of Cincinnati has one of the largest service-learning programs in the world.

Members of the UC community are encouraged to submit nominations now through March 5.

Nominations will be reviewed by the UC Service-Learning Steering Committee, made up of stakeholders including faculty, students and representatives from local nonprofit organizations. The award recipient will be announced in April.

The annual award is inspired by the character and courage of Jack Twyman, a UC graduate who, in 1958 at age 23, chose to become legal guardian to a former UC basketball teammate and friend, Maurice Stokes, who had suffered a paralyzing brain injury.

Questions about the award or the nomination process can be directed to Service-Learning Director Michael Sharp at michael.sharp@uc.edu.

Featured image at top: McMicken Hall at sunrise. Photo/Andrew Higley/UC Creative+Brand

Service-Learning at UC

UC’s Service-Learning program is housed in the Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education, which facilitates real-world work experiences for students, teaches students to prepare for their professional lives, and provides career services to students and alumni. The division also connects employers and external partners with the talent they seek in a variety of arrangements both inside and outside the classroom.

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