Celebrate Black History Month at UC

Take part in the African American Cultural & Resource Center's tribute to Black history

In celebration of February's Black History Month, UC offers an annual series of programs, lectures, and events that encourage our community to honor, celebrate and reflect on the university's rich history of Black leaders, trailblazers and alumni who conquered barriers, inspired change and made the world a better place.

Artistic image of the Sankofa bird

This artistic image depicts the Sankofa bird.

This year’s “anniversary edition” of the African American Cultural & Resource Center's Black History Month will highlight special events that pay homage to the celebration of the AACRC’S 30-year anniversary. 

Throughout its mission, the commitment has been to reach, teach and pull the Black UC community forward. This year’s operational theme, “Reaching Back by Reaching Black: The Spirit of Sankofa," utilizes one of the most respected and used African ideologies: the Sankofa bird. The imagery of the Sankofa bird is an Afrocentric decorative bird with its head turned backwards, its feet facing forward, carrying a precious egg in its mouth depicting the engagement of a humble expression of “reaching back.” 

Organizers say the Sankofa bird is a perfect parallel to Black History Month events at UC this year where the purpose is to reach back from the historical frameworks of the past 30-years of the AACRC’s existence to bring young leaders, thinkers, influencers and explorers forward. All students, staff, faculty, friends and the Cincinnati community are invited to attend the programs and events that widely embrace the beauty of Black history.

Featured image at top shows UC graduates celebrating Tyehimba. Tyehimba is UC’s annual Afrocentric graduation celebration to acknowledge the achievements of students and express gratitude to the students' families, faculty and staff who helped them along the way.

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