What is Biomedical Engineering?

From designing imaging devices to developing surgical tools, biomedical solves healthcare problems

Biomedical is a combination of several types of engineering including mechanical, electrical, chemical engineering, plus biology, math and computer programming. All combined to solve health care problems. Professor Angela Boronyak explains what it means to be a biomedical engineer.

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What is biomedical engineering?

Boronyak: Engineering in general just means to be problem solvers. So biomedical engineering means that we're solving problems related to medicine and health care.

What are some real-world engineering examples of biomedical engineering?

Boronyak: You've probably seen a ton of things that biomedical engineers worked on or helped design. If you go into a drug store anything from a Band-aid to a medical device to pharmaceuticals. [And] biomedical engineers can work on vaccines and therapeutics. 

If you've ever had an X-ray or an MRI, biomedical engineers work on those. And cool things like the field of tissue engineering where we're trying to make replacements for basically any part of the body that you can think of. 

Biomedical engineers are making things to improve people's quality of life and that's inherently exciting—to feel proud of your work.

Angela Boronyak, Assistant professor educator Biomedical engineering

What’s unique about UC’s biomedical program?

Boronyak: We're tied very closely with our College of Medicine, which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our engineering buildings. You can participate in research at the College of Medicine while you're a student here and participate in research at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

What about biomedical engineering makes you passionate?

Boronyak: Biomedical engineers are making things to improve people's quality of life and their health care. So that's inherently exciting and a great field to be a part of and feel proud of your work.

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