WCPO: 'The economy’s not equal'

UC’s Alpaugh Family Economics center provides data analyses on equity study

A recent study by the Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and the University of Cincinnati Economics Center examined the intersection of race and gender in the region, with a focus on Black women.

The study found:

  • 49% of all working Black women in Greater Cincinnati make less than $15 an hour, compared with 27% of working white women and 24% of all employed women in the region
  • 32% of all Black women with a bachelor’s degree make less than $15 an hour, compared to 13% of white women, 10% of Black men and 11% of white men with the same level of education
  • 26.2% of Black women have an annual income below the federal poverty rate, compared with 9.4% of white women, 18.8% of Black men and 8.3% of white men

“The economy is not equal for everyone,” said Chris Nicak, co-director of research at UC's Alpaugh Family Economics Center.

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Featured image at top: Jinyun/Unsplash

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