CET: Greater than COVID Cincinnati

UC faculty members join the conversation on COVID-19

CET, Cincinnati’s local PBS TV Station, has worked with local physicians and community members to address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in the Black community. Short public service video announcements discussing safety, timing and other questions about vaccination to stem the COVID-19 pandemic are now available on Facebook, YouTube and the web. CET’s local effort aligns with the work of Kaiser Family Foundation and the Black Coalition against COVID, which has developed a national campaign to tackle vaccine hesitancy.  

Three faculty in the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine are participating in the dialogue with short public service videos. Take a few minutes to listen to Louito Edje, MD, associate dean of graduate medical education and UC Health physician; Chris Lewis, MD,  associate professor of family medicine and UC Health physician; and Anisa Shomo, MD, associate professor of family medicine and UC health physician.

Listen to the videos from CET online.

Learn more about Louito Edje, MD, online.

Learn more about Chris Lewis, MD, online.

Learn more about Anisa Shomo, MD, online.

Featured image of woman receiving a vaccination is courtesy of Unsplash.