Service learning allows UC students to experience another side of philanthropy

Magnified Giving’s Roger Grein is a Bearcat with an important mission

Margaret Tagher is pledging her time, talents and treasures to serve her community.

The third-year industrial design student at the University of Cincinnati has adopted the service-oriented motto from Magnified Giving, a nonprofit organization that teaches philanthropy to students for life. It was founded in 2008 by Roger Grein, an active philanthropist in Greater Cincinnati and UC alum (BBA '64, MBA ’66).

Tagher first learned about Magnified Giving as a high school student in Northern Kentucky when the nonprofit connected her and her classmates with organizations dedicated to promoting the arts and alleviating childhood hunger. Magnified Giving involves students in the grant-making process supporting dozens of nonprofits each year with passionate student volunteers and Magnified Giving funds.

Tagher’s interest in philanthropy continued and she was able to obtain an internship with Magnified Giving as a result of UC’s Service Learning Co-op program in Fall 2020. The Service Learning Co-op Program provides grants to help nonprofits hire UC students so they can ‘learn, serve and earn.’ Tagher completed her internship in graphic design and remains as a parttime employee where she uses her gifts to create a fund and identifiable brand for Magnified Giving. Her story and that of other Bearcats at Magnified Giving has been highlighted by the nonprofit.

UC boasts one of the largest service-learning programs in the world, providing over 5,000 students with curricular-based service-oriented opportunities to apply what they are learning in the classroom to the betterment of the community.

“I think the coolest part to me is that Magnified Giving is raising money and putting it in the hands of students,” says Tagher. “It allows students to get to know their community. It inspires the next generation to think of philanthropy in different way. Magnified Giving has a mission of taking not only the funds you have, but staying true to its motto of making use of your time, talents and treasure.”

“I am really thankful for the internship experience,” she continues. “If I didn’t get the grant from UC I would be at a different job not related to my major and not in the nonprofit world. I am really grateful to UC for that experience.”

Three other UC students have also been able to intern with the nonprofit as a result of the Service Learning Co-op program. Jaclynn Ruberg and Hailey Maier are UC communication majors working on a special project to promote a documentary on the life of Roger Grein. They are also gaining hands-on experience in public relations and journalism as they write press releases and engage in other promotional activities. Corrine Black, a UC marketing student, is with Magnified Giving as a Scripps Howard communication intern.

“I am very grateful for being part of Magnified Giving and I know it has changed my life,” adds Tagher. “ It’s not just a job for the people in Magnified Giving, it’s an important mission that they want to accomplish with their lives.”

Featured image provided by Magnified Giving includes starting left to right, Lindsey Barta (A&S ‘18, MA ‘20), Maggie Tagher (DAAP ‘24), Roger Grein (BBA ‘64, MBA ‘66), Corinne Black (Business/A&S ‘22), Jackie Ruberg (A&S ‘22), Hailey Maier (A&S ‘21).