WLWT: Why is Gabby Petito's case garnering so much attention?

UC doctoral student comments on what makes the Petito case stand out over other missing persons

As Gabby Petito's homicide remains in the national spotlight, many other families are wondering why their cases aren’t as widely investigated; especially when the victim is a woman of color.

Nicole McKenna, a University of Cincinnati doctoral student researching trauma and gender-based violence against women, tells WLWT: While there is a disproportionate attention to young white girls compared to women of color, other factors apply to the visibilty of the Petito case including the victim’s social media presence, making the case easy to circulate and discuss on social media.

“There is all this physical material,” that the public ordinarily doesn’t have access to, said McKenna, a PhD candidate in UC's School of Criminal Justice.  

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Featured image at top: Dietrich von Diemar/Unsplash. 

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