Cincinnati Enquirer: Powell's death shows importance of vaccination

UC expert discusses COVID-19 risks for multiple myeloma patients

Colin Powell, former secretary of state and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, died earlier this week of COVID-19 complications. News reports state Powell was fully vaccinated but was also receiving treatment for a blood cancer, multiple myeloma, at the time of his death. Multiple myeloma weakens the body's immune system.

Bryan Hambley, MD, assistant professor of internal medicine in the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine's Division of Hematology and Oncology and a UC Health hematology oncologist, said other multiple myeloma patients can become more fearful and socially isolated following the death of a high-profile person like Powell.

"That can really increase depression as a side effect of treatment,” Hambley told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Powell's death also highlights the importance for friends and family of immunocompromised patients like those with multiple myeloma to be vaccinated against COVID-19 "to protect their loved ones who may not form antibodies to the vaccine," Hambley said.

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