Local 12: New robotic technology helps diagnose lung cancer sooner

UC experts demonstrate new bronchoscopy methods

Lung cancer is the deadliest cancer in the U.S., and Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana report higher rates of lung cancer compared to the overall national rate.

Now, University of Cincinnati researchers are using new robotic technology that makes detecting and diagnosing lung cancer easier.

Christopher Radchenko, MD, and Alejandro Aragaki-Nakahodo, MD, both assistant professors in the Department of Internal Medicine in UC's College of Medicine and UC Health physicians, lead the use of the new Monarch Platform technology. 

The new technology is a camera attached to a flexible thin tube which doctors can navigate to the lungs with a remote controller. The researchers said the technology should detect lung cancers sooner and be more accurate than previous systems.

Watch the Local 12 report.

Featured photo at top of lungs courtesy of iStock.

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