The Year in Data

By Chris Wheat and Fiona Greig, JPMorgan Chase Institute

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented health and economic consequences and exacerbated existing inequalities—straining families’ economic mobility and restricting the U.S. economy. More than ever, decisionmakers need data-driven economic analysis with an inclusive lens. Over the last year, the JPMorgan Chase Institute continued to deliver groundbreaking research and expert findings on the financial health of US households and businesses aimed at helping policymakers, industry, and non-profit leaders make more informed decisions.

Today, we're sharing several key charts that summarize 2021. Collectively they illustrate the financial impact of the pandemic on households, workers, and businesses, as well as the role of government supports in counteracting some of the economic consequences of the pandemic.

With each round of stimulus, low-income families saw thegreatest relative gains in cash balances but depleted those gains faster thanhigh-income families 
Small personal servicesfirms and restaurants were significantly impacted by the pandemic. 

Chris Wheat is the Co-President for the JPMorgan Chase Institute. Fiona Greig is a Managing Director and the Co-President at the JPMorgan Chase Institute, which delivers data-rich analyses and expert insights for the public good.

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