UC alumna launches urban streetwear start-up

Recent A&S grad takes passion for fashion from dream to reality

By Bryn Dippold

Lindsay Kaminer may have just recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati, but she has already gotten a jump-start on the job of her dreams, launching her own apparel company.

The College of Arts and Sciences communication major graduated in December, 2021, and by then the idea for her brand, Street House was on its way to becoming reality.  

A self-described fashion aficionado, Kaminer says: “I’ve always dreamed of starting a clothing brand. I do have a full-time job, and I love it. But in the long run this is what I would want to do if I can grow it.”

Kaminer works full time in a related field as assistant apparel buyer for Tennis Point, a global retailer of tennis clothing based in Sharonville, just outside Cincinnati. Her work on Street House is, for now, an after-hours passion. In addition to her communication degree, Kaminer earned a minor in fashion studies from UC's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning.

Street House is a ‘streetwear’ brand, a style defined simply as fashionable but casual clothing—think comfortable hoodies, roomy tees, slouchy sweats and knit caps. The style became popular in the 1990s in New York City, Los Angeles and Japan, and has grown into a billion-dollar global industry.

A&S communication graduate and apparel entrepreneur Lindsay Kaminer.

A&S communication graduate and apparel entrepreneur Lindsay Kaminer.

Unlike some other streetwear brands, Kaminer wanted hers to be unisex, elevated loungewear that didn’t break the bank. “There are definitely really cool brands out there that have unisex loungewear, but they’re like $200, $300 a piece,” she says.

The prices of the first Street House collection, named “No. 1 The Essentials Collection,” range from $22 to $75. The eight-piece collection launched online in February.

Kaminer uses Canva to create her designs and pulls inspiration from Pinterest, other websites, and any sources that inspire her. After deciding on a design, she prints her clothing at a shop in Fairfax. Her Street House pieces stick to a black, white, red and gray palette, branded with a clean, bold logo.

Kaminer shares that she didn’t tell anyone she was launching Street House until she had her first pieces created, and was ready for the initial photo shoot. “I wanted to have it in hand so that I could show them and say, ‘I’m actually doing this’,” she says.

A friend, Elliot M, takes photos for the brand, but the two worked together on the creative direction. Her quick journey from idea to launch was due to her extensive research, quick shipping of product and networking, she says.

Kaminer considers herself an entrepreneur. “It’s definitely really small now and still starting out, but with all the work and everything I put into it and learned so much already, I would definitely consider myself an [entrepreneur],” she says.

She defines an “entrepreneur” as someone who has a drive to chase their passion and do what they want. “I think to be an entrepreneur you have to like to work and you have to like what you do, because when you start your own business, then you’re working 24/7,” Kaminer says.

She credits her UC communication classes for inspiring and informing her business and reminding her that learning is lifelong. “You can really teach yourself anything that you want to,” she says.

One piece of advice from A&S Kaminer says she will remember going forward is the importance of doing something you love: “It’s so important to have a passion and something to look forward to.”

This story is part of a series featuring liberal arts entrepreneurs from UC's College of Arts and Sciences.

Featured image at top: Street House brand apparel designed by Lindsay Kaminer. Credit/@elliotmdesign.