UC Public Safety awarded two grants

The University of Cincinnati Public Safety Department was recently awarded two separate grants, the Campus Safety Grant and the Body-Worn Camera Grant, both from the state of Ohio.

The department was awarded $430,000 from the Campus Safety Grant, which any Ohio public or private higher education institution could apply for. The funding will be used to upgrade camera coverage of UC’s campuses, including technology that allows for a 360-degree view, providing increased visibility.

“We are thrilled to receive this grant from the state of Ohio. The new cameras and the updated cameras will provide an increased level of security for students, faculty and staff,” said Kawanda Dedrick-Thomas, Manager of Public Safety Technical Operations.

The department was also awarded $60,428 from the Body-Worn Camera Grant, which the state of Ohio launched in order to assist law enforcement agencies with the expenses involved in creating or maintaining body-worn camera programs.

The UC Police Division will use this funding to help pay for a contract with Axon Enterprise, which supplies UCPD’s body worn cameras, and in-car cameras, among other products. All UCPD officers are equipped with body worn cameras and each marked police vehicle is outfitted with an in-car camera. In addition, the agency is expanding its technology so the camera systems will be automatically activated during certain critical incidents.

“The UCPD has worked very hard to maintain a high level of transparency and accountability, and body-worn and in-car cameras are a large part of that. We are excited to receive this grant, as it will assist the UCPD in continuing these efforts,” said UCPD Assistant Chief Dudley Smith.

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