Columbus Dispatch: How climate change will affect Ohioans

UC professor says it’s important to highlight things that are meaningful to people

Climate change will touch almost every corner of the world and affect almost every facet of life, a University of Cincinnati professor told the Columbus Dispatch.

Daniel Murphy.

Daniel Murphy.

In an article about how climate change will affect Ohioans, reporter Patrick Cooley highlighted flooded basements, overflowing septic tanks, heat exhaustion and added costs for infrastructure upgrades among the effects of climate change.

“It can be problematic if you don't mention the things that are meaningful to people and if the things you are listing are only targeting the people who agree with you,” Daniel Murphy, a UC anthropology professor who studies the human response to climate change, said. “People feel left out and it can backfire.

“In a lot of ways this requires a more broad scale cultural response,” Murphy said. “But we also have the problem that most people don't believe what they are seeing.”

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