Spectrum News: Cincinnati twins celebrate National Siblings Day

UC's Alvin and Kelvin Mantey say you don’t have to be a twin to cherish your sibling

Sometimes they are our best friends. Other times they are competitors for attention and success.  But siblings share a bond that seems unbreakable.

National Siblings Day, April 10, is a great time to honor your brother or sister. UC students Alvin and Kelvin Mantey, identical twins, took time to honor each other and their older siblings and UC alums, Godfrey and Alfred Mantey.  The Mantey brothers were featured on Spectrum News showcasing the bonds of brotherhood for National Siblings Day.

Alvin is a first-year medical student while Kelvin is a biomedical engineering student. Godfrey and Alfred, also identical twins, both also represent UC very well. Godfrey is a pharmacist and graduate of the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy, while Alfred, a graduate of the College of Arts & Sciences, is in medical school in the Caribbean.

Listen to the Mantey brothers’ interview on Spectrum News.

Learn more about the Mantey family online.

Featured image of Kelvin and Alvin Mantey preparing for their final chemistry exam in UC's Edward N. Prather Summer Bridge Scholars Program in 2017. Photo provided.