WCPO: Expert discusses social media's role in Buffalo mass shooting

Social media expert Jeffrey Blevins weighs in on impact of social media in mass shooting

headshot of Blevins

Jeffrey Blevins, PhD, head of UC's Department of Journalism. Photo/UC Creative + Brand/Kelley

The shooter in the Buffalo tragedy had access to hate group theories and many ways to kill at his fingertips...via the internet.

“Social media seems to play a role in just about everything,” UC’s social media expert Jeffrey Blevins told WCPO, explaining that the dark side of social media has been there since the beginning.

“Webpages afforded a lot of anonymity to hate groups,” said Blevins, who heads the Department of Journalism. “They’ve allowed them to sadly merchandise and recruit others and raise money. It's very difficult for the government to interdict because we’re talking about cyberspace and not geographical space.”

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