Cincinnati Enquirer: Is College Worth It?

UC administrator weighs in on national trend of changing college enrollment patterns

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that nationally, undergraduate college enrollment has dropped by nearly 1.4 million students or 9 percent, since 2000. Ohio lost close to 26,000 students last year and almost 47,000 since 2020. Neighboring Kentucky has seen 7,000 fewer students since 2020, the Enquirer reports.

But that trend has not hurt efforts at the University of Cincinnati which has seen enrollment continue to grow since the COVID-19 pandemic.  In the fall of 2019, UC reported 22,907 student applications. That number has increased in 2020, 2021 and 2022, and is expected to reach an estimated 27,230 student applications this fall, the Enquirer reports.

Jack Miner, vice provost for enrollment management, spoke with the Cincinnati Enquirer about UC’s upward enrollment path. “COVID hit higher education really hard,” Miner told the Enquirer. “Harder than other sectors.”

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Feature image of incoming UC students during Orientation in July 2021.  Photo by UC Marketing + Brand.

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