UC Clermont awarded $500K grant to provide math, literacy tutoring

College will partner with local high schools in new initiative

UC Clermont has received a $500,000 Statewide Mathematics and Literacy Tutoring Grant from the Ohio Department of Education to provide support to local students in need.

The funding is part of $14 million in grants awarded by the state to Ohio colleges and universities planning to create or expand mathematics and literacy tutoring programs for Ohio’s K-12 students in one-on-one or small-group settings. The UC Clermont grant will enable the college to partner with Goshen and West Clermont high schools to offer tutoring to students in grades 9-12 identified as academically at-risk.

Susan Riley, UC Clermont assistant dean of academic initiatives, said the intent of the program is to address skills losses during the COVID-19 pandemic and help prepare students for college-level courses post-graduation. The initiative also offers hands-on experience for UC students, as the college is recruiting tutors from education majors.

“There is a real need for this type of additional support, especially given the challenges over the past few years with COVID,” said Riley. “To be able to have the resources to provide that support while also helping our students on their career paths — it’s the perfect example of a positive community partnership.”

The program will start this summer and place 10 tutors in each of the two schools for at least the next two years, though Riley said the UC Clermont team is hoping for additional funding to continue and expand to other grades and districts.

“We want to serve as many students as we can,” she said.

In addition, Dean Jeff Bauer has committed to providing a $500 scholarship to each student who completes the tutoring program and then attends UC Clermont after graduation.

“Ensuring a seamless pathway between high school academics and college success remains central to our mission as we seek to support students in a post-COVID school environment,” said Lisa Mahle-Grisez, UC Clermont associate dean of academic affairs. “At the same time, our education majors will receive invaluable experience through their tutoring work while serving as role models for these high school students as they consider their own post-secondary educations.”

For more information, contact Ariana Bernard, tutoring program coordinator, at ariana.bernard@uc.edu.