Spectrum News: Cincinnati recruits high-tech manufacturing

UC shows Spectrum News how it is preparing graduates for new tech jobs

Spectrum News visited the University of Cincinnati's cleanroom in the Mantie Center to see how students are getting ready for Ohio's nascent microchip manufacturing industry.

Rashmi Jha, a professor of electrical engineering in UC's College of Engineering and Applied Science, told Spectrum News that UC students are preparing to work in Ohio's growing high-tech manufacturing industry with targeted training.

"At Intel, a lot of things will be automatic, but the fundamentals will be the same," Jha told Spectrum News.

A screenshot of a news report shows Rashmi Jha speaking outside a clean room with a Spectrum News caption card and her name.

UC College of Engineering and Applied Science professor Rashmi Jha talks to Spectrum News about how UC is preparing graduates to work in Ohio's growing manufacturing industry. Photo/Spectrum News

Intel is building two new microchip fabrication plants outside Columbus, a move that is expected to boost electronics manufacturing along the entire supply chain in Ohio. President Biden this week signed a bill that will provide more than $52 billion in subsidies for U.S. semiconductor production and research to spur American manufacturing.

UC microelectronics engineer Ronald Flenniken said graduates often leave Ohio to pursue careers in high-tech manufacturing.

"If you ever really wanted to do this as a living, you had to go to the East Coast or West Coast," Flenniken told Spectrum News. "Now with Intel being in the Midwest, it makes a big difference."

UC and a dozen other Midwestern universities and colleges created a new network designed to support semiconductor and microelectronics production in the United States.

"This network of Midwest academic institutions represents an enormous opportunity for our region to lead in microelectronics — both in technological advancement and workforce development," UC President Neville Pinto said.

Watch the Spectrum News story.

Featured image at top: A UC College of Engineering and Applied Science student works in a microelectronics clean room at the Mantei Center. Photo/Spectrum News

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