Walk Ahead for a Brain Tumor Cure is Oct. 16

Family inspired to help others

Christmas Day 2015 was a memorable one for Stephanie Cox and her family. Her stepfather, Al Williams, had an acoustic neuroma brain tumor removed at UC Health and was home in time for the holiday.

Stephanie and her family will celebrate Al’s recovery at the 13th annual Walk Ahead for a Brain Tumor Cure 2k/5K walk/run at Sawyer Point in downtown Cincinnati on Sunday, Oct. 16, 2022. The event raises funds for research at the University of Cincinnati Brain Tumor Center at the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute.

man and daughter next to river

Stephanie Cox and her stepfather, Al Williams.

While Al’s family celebrated his ongoing progress, he felt discouraged by the physical challenges caused by his tumor. Stephanie and her mom, Kathy, hoped participating in the Walk Ahead for a Brain Tumor Cure might lift his spirits.

The first year was challenging — crowds and noise threw off Al’s balance — but he was determined.

“On our first walk my stepdad was struggling with the last stretch, and he noticed an elderly lady with a survivor shirt struggling as well,” shares Stephanie. “He began to encourage her. It was touching to see them finish not far from each other.”  

After the walk, Stephanie connected with Kristen Crawford, the event co-chair. Together, they decided to support survivors by having chairs available throughout the course.

Stephanie’s experience was so positive that she joined the event as a volunteer. Her family’s team, AN Warriors, have been regular participants since that first walk in 2018.

“We will always support this walk because it has helped our family and we hope to inspire others,” she said.  

To register or donate for Walk Ahead for a Brain Tumor Cure visit walkahead.org.

Featured image at top: The starting line at the 2021 Walk Ahead for a Brain Tumor Cure. Photo/Provided. 

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