Why I transferred to UC for my RN to BSN online

I felt like a part of UC, even as a fully online student

By: Erica Gary, BSN '22

I’m a proud graduate of UC’s RN to BSN online program. I finished in nine months while working full time, being a mother of three, planning a wedding and still taking a couple of general education classes. Was it busy? Sure. But it was doable.

I’m from Ohio, so I had already heard about UC’s reputation. When choosing where to go for my RN to BSN online, I did a lot of research and found out UC was the first nursing college in the United States to offer a BSN. Everything I learned made the college really stand out, but I chose another school because of the price. When I started there, it didn't feel right. The instructors didn’t communicate expectations and they weren't personable. I knew I had signed up for an online program, but I still wanted to have as much information as I could and feel welcome and like a part of the school.

Instructors would reach out and they were always available to talk, if needed.

I kept thinking, I really want to go to UC. I should just try to make it work. And I’m glad I did. I felt like I was really part of the university, even though I never came to campus. My instructors were awesome. They had a positive and helpful attitude. A coworker of mine had shared how much she enjoyed the program at UC but, when it was my turn, I got to see how much support I got. Instructors would reach out and they were always available to talk, if needed. If we got assignments that required more time to prepare, instructors would send out reminders so we wouldn’t run out of time. They also reached out directly to check if I had any questions. All that made me really feel part of the college, because I knew these instructors were super busy and they would still find the time to support me.

I also learned so much in my nine months at UC. Every assignment had a real-world purpose. My favorite class was Health Issues of Vulnerable and Marginalized Populations. I didn’t grow up rich, but this class opened my eyes to so much that happens with health care in different communities. Things that I just didn't know or didn't realize.

Finishing the program quickly was important, but it’s hard to find a reputable, accredited program that allows for it. I plan on getting a master’s degree, so I wanted to get my BSN degree done right and from a place I feel proud representing. UC made me feel that way. I’m now proud to call myself a Bearcat nurse and can’t wait to see what’s next for me.

Featured image at top: Erica Gary at Commencement on UC's campus. All graduates of online programs are invited to participate. Photo/Submitted

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