WLWT: Online grocery ordering leads to frustration

UC professor expects the process to continue to improve

Some shoppers who have ordered groceries online have found the process to be frustrating as they often face long waits when they go to pick up their purchases, WLWT reported.

Chuck Sox, the associate dean of impact and partnerships for the University of Cincinnati’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business, said those reports aren’t surprising as companies have had difficulties in finding enough workers to hire.

"Everyone's struggling with having people staffed to do these things," Sox said. "So if I'm not going in and getting my items off the shelf, someone else is going to have to do that for me, right."

Sox, who is a supply chains expert, expects the experience to improve as companies further refine their processes.

"Companies like Kroger are trying to figure out the technology to make these processes more efficient, more consistent," Sox said. "It's just the companies have to figure out how to manage these disruptions that happen."

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Featured image: UC  supply chain expert Chuck Sox. Screenshot courtesy of WLWT video.

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