WLWT: Thanksgiving items prices high, but stores offering discounts

Lindner professor believes consumers will be more cost-conscious

Thanksgiving dinner will come at an elevated cost for shoppers in 2022. Per the American Farm Bureau Federation, Thanksgiving items are costing just over $64 on average this fall — a rise of almost $11 from 2021.

Supply chain problems, high transportation costs and labor shortages are driving up prices. However, retailers like Aldi, Kroger, Meijer and Walmart are offering Thanksgiving deals.

Erhardt, Erwin3

Erwin Erhardt, PhD, associate professor-educator of economics.

“There will be some trade-off,” Erwin Erhardt, PhD, associate professor-educator of economics, told WLWT. “Some people might look for non-name brand items to pick up, and some people might go to discount grocery stores to pick things up.”

WLWT reported that Walmart is reducing prices on popular Thanksgiving items to 2021 prices, and Aldi is rolling back prices to what items cost in 2019.

“I think that people will try to put on a good Thanksgiving dinner, but they’re going to be a little more cost-conscious and maybe in some areas just trim the budget up a little bit to help keep costs under control,” Erhardt said.

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