UC capstone students help businesses thrive

Data-driven insights for success

The inability to use data-driven results in business can be costly.

Businesses collect a lot of data. Analyzing this data is crucial to the success of an organization. As the talent shortage continues, companies can partner with University of Cincinnati capstone students to make better decisions.

Why it matters

The inability to use data wisely can be costly.

Leveraging student talent supplements the work of full-time analysts when staffing levels are low, enabling informed decision-making to:

  • Limit inefficiencies
  • Increase profits
  • Improve operations
  • Identify growth opportunities

Partnerships between businesses and colleges offer access to talent-driven students who can help them use data to fuel business success. In turn, students gain real-world experience establishing contacts in the industry. 

How one student improved a company’s bottom line

The output of this analysis provided the business with order-by-order detailed vehicle delivery information as well as the associated delivery cost and profit estimates.

Robert Koenig Graduate student, Carl H. Lindner College of Business

In spring 2022, Robert Koenig, a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business, embarked on his capstone project for a local company, combining data sources to improve organizational performance.

The company asked Koenig to identify customer delivery expenses to assess the profitability of each transport, which required cross-referencing two different datasets.

Using data collected from GPS tracking sensors installed in the trucks, Koenig linked delivery locations and times to specific orders in the company’s accounting system.

“The output of this analysis provided the business with order-by-order detailed vehicle delivery information as well as the associated delivery cost and profit estimates,” Koenig wrote in his summary.

The business was extremely satisfied with Koenig’s research in assessing the profitability of each transport.

“Using the cost figures, a profit was calculated and validated through additional analysis of existing data,” Koenig added. 

Other ways students can help

  • Capstone students use data analytics to help industry partners better understand the preferences and expectations of customers. That kind of data helps companies keep customer satisfaction high, mitigating the risk of lost business.
  • Design students can produce eye-catching visualizations to convey insights to stakeholders, revealing successes and areas for improvement.
  • Through each capstone project, college students can contribute new viewpoints and creative concepts to assist businesses in utilizing data for company success.

Robert Koenig’s project abstract 

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