Get ahead, expand academic horizons with UC summer courses

A&S summer semester provides flexibility, keeps students on track to graduate

In the University of Cincinnati’s College of Arts and Sciences, students can take advantage of a diverse range of summer classes to keep up with their degree requirements, gain an academic edge or explore their interests.

UC offers six flexible summer sessions and a vast array of courses ranging from LGBTQ activism to environmental and sustainability studies, allowing students to tailor their summer coursework to their personal interests and academic goals. 

Smaller classes, shorter sessions

“I enjoyed how responsive the teachers were due to the smaller class sizes,” says Reegan Clark, a fourth-year communication major. “I was able to build a more individualized relationship with my teachers while continuing to earn credits toward my degree.”

Summer classes give students a unique opportunity to take a semester-long course in six weeks. This is a huge advantage for those who are looking to get ahead with their coursework or catch up, says recent A&S graduate Ryan Dunn.

“If you are looking to gain credits and can maximize your attention for six to eight weeks, this is a great way for people who are falling behind to get back on track,” he says. “It also is a great opportunity for those who are already ahead and want to continue to move farther toward getting their degree.”

With a range of scheduling options available, including a full-time session, half-sessions, and a condensed May-Mester, the summer semester at the UC allows students to balance their academic pursuits with other activities, such as internships, travel, and relaxation.

I enjoyed how responsive the teachers were due to the smaller class sizes.

Reegan Clark, Fourth-year UC Communication student

By receiving credit in what would often be a student’s break in between semesters, enrolled students can reap many benefits. UC communication graduate and MA candidate Jacob Miller is one of many students who took advantage of it.

“Summer courses allowed me to graduate on time, all while completing three co-ops,” he says.

Summer sessions at A&S provide a more relaxed pace for non-A&S students who must fulfill their general education requirements through the program, compared to the traditional academic year.

Recent marketing graduate Lauren Pugh was yet to fill a class requirement needed for graduation but did not want to take 18 credit hours in her final semester of college.

“While I was nearly complete with my core degree requirements, I had realized I still needed a humanities credit,” she says.

“I took a history course within A&S in the summer that allowed me to not only have a less filled final semester but gave me an opportunity to study a subject I found compelling without having to focus on other classes.”

Explore your passions

Students looking to enroll in classes tailored to their interests and/or broaden their horizons and explore new topics have a vast array of courses they can choose from, including:

  • ·       Contemporary Moral Issues
  • ·       Wildflowers and Trees of Ohio
  • ·       The Endangered Earth
  • ·       Sex and Race at the Movies
  • ·       Gender in Pop Culture
  • ·       Health, Politics & Policy in the U.S.
  • ·       Cooperation in International Relations

Summer enrollment is now open, with courses available through a first come, first serve method of registration. 

Are you currently a UC student? Register here for summer courses. 

Featured image at top: College students in class. Credit: Javier Trueba for Unsplash.

Headshot of By Ryan Smith

By Ryan Smith

Student Journalist, Marketing and Communication, College of Arts and Sciences

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