Six engineering faculty join UC

New faculty members join the College of Engineering and Applied Science in spring 2023

The University of Cincinnati’s College of Engineering and Applied Science welcomed six new faculty members starting in January 2023 at the start of the spring semester. Seventeen additional faculty members joined CEAS at the start of the 2022-2023 academic year in August.

Meet the new faculty:

Orlando Hoilett headshot

Orlando S. Hoilett

Assistant Professor Department of Biomedical Engineering

Research/Teaching Interests: Wearable devices; point-of-care diagnostics; biosensors; adaptive sports; neurodevelopmental disorders; sports biomechanics; human-factors engineering; public health; active-learning; problem-based learning

Mohammad Hosseinian headshot

S. Mohammad Hosseinian 

Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Research/Teaching Interests: Operations research; data analytics; mathematical programming; combinatorial optimization; networks

Xi-Zhi Niu headshot

Xi-Zhi Niu 

Assistant Professor Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering 

Research/Teaching Interests: Emerging organic contaminants; environmental analytical chemistry; fate and transport; environmental photochemistry; environmental organic chemistry; environmentally benign semiconductor manufacturing

Jonathan Pham headshot

Jonathan Pham 

Associate Professor Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Research/Teaching Interests: Soft matter and polymers; interfacial science; mechanics; adhesion and wetting; tribology; gels/elastomers 

Ben Yavitt headshot

Ben Yavitt 

Assistant Professor Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Research/Teaching Interests: Rheology; polymer processing; advanced materials; X-ray scattering; polymer physics 

Kuanshi Zhong

Kuanshi Zhong 

Assistant Professor Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management 

Research/Teaching Interests: Fracture simulation; reinforced concrete structure; surrogate modeling; machine learning methods and applications; data assimilation; performance-based design; regional seismic risk analysis; infrastructural digitalization; community resilience and sustainability

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