HappyOrNot kiosks added to enhance campus experience

Kiosks track customer satisfaction in real time

The University of Cincinnati is committed to ensuring that its students, faculty and staff have a positive and fulfilling experience while on campus.

One way the university is accomplishing this is by deploying HappyOrNot kiosks across the Uptown campus. These kiosks serve as a tool to track customer satisfaction levels in real time and enable Campus Services to make data-driven decisions to enhance service quality, customer loyalty and employee engagement.

Currently, there are 26 HappyOrNot kiosks located in various areas across the Uptown campus, making it easy for individuals to provide feedback about their experience with Campus Services. These kiosks are aligned with the Next Lives Here innovation agenda, which aims to provide analytical solutions in areas of opportunity. The widespread deployment of the HappyOrNot kiosks demonstrates the university's commitment to enhancing the overall experience for its community members.

The feedback collected from the kiosks is processed and analyzed through an online reporting dashboard. This dashboard provides detailed insights into customer or employee satisfaction levels, trends and patterns. The university can use this information to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance service quality, customer loyalty and employee engagement. For example, if there is a consistent complaint about the quality of food in a particular dining facility, Campus Services can use this feedback to make the necessary changes to improve the quality of the food.

Encouraging students, faculty and staff to engage with the HappyOrNot kiosks and provide feedback is crucial in enhancing the customer experience. The university understands that the feedback collected through these kiosks provides a direct channel for individuals to voice their opinions, suggestions and concerns. By leveraging the feedback collected through the kiosks, we can create an environment that prioritizes the needs and preferences of its community, ultimately fostering a positive and fulfilling campus experience.

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