University of Cincinnati celebrates grand opening of The Portman Center for Policy Solutions

Senators Rob Portman and Kyrsten Sinema speak at opening

Senator Rob Portman at the University of Cincinnati on Monday, November 28, 2022.

Senator Rob Portman

The University of Cincinnati will celebrate the opening of the new Portman Center for Policy Solutions at 10:30 a.m., Monday, Oct. 23, at Bearcat Commons. UC’s Board of Trustees approved the establishment of the Portman Center, housed within UC’s School of Public and International Affairs, in February 2023. Prior to that, the School’s faculty voted unanimously in support of the Center’s formation. This celebration serves as a kickoff event for the Portman Center.

The vision of the Portman Center is to promote finding common ground to solve policy problems. This includes helping to develop future leaders in the public sphere from across the political spectrum through a renewed emphasis on civility, open and inclusive dialogue and bipartisan engagement. Through programming, scholarships, internships, seminars and research, the Center plans to inspire students, faculty and community partners to grow as citizen-leaders who advance the public good. It also seeks to influence the national political climate at a time of increasing partisanship and incivility.

Senator Rob Portman will speak at the ribbon cutting and engage in a bipartisan Q&A with Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema. 

Senator Kyrsten Sinema

Senator Kyrsten Sinema

“My conversation with Senator Sinema will be about how policy solutions can be achieved through applying the principles of the Portman Center,” said Senator Portman. “Our goal is to promote public service that focuses on civility, bipartisanship, and finding common ground to solve important problems.”

The senators will discuss their joint work on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and its results for their constituents.

“Rob Portman knows how to get things done. Rob understands that to deliver lasting results — like our bipartisan infrastructure law — you bring people together from all backgrounds with shared goals of doing what’s right for our country,” said Senator Sinema. “Following his example, the Portman Center will develop new generations of problem solvers, ensuring America continues to be the best country to live and thrive.” 

Senator Portman will also announce the opening of applications for the inaugural Portman Fellows. These future leaders will have access to opportunities and learning experiences that will engage them as citizen-leaders committed to the democratic process. Fellows will also put their skills to work to develop practical and effective policy solutions.

The goal of the Center’s programming and the support for its Portman Fellows will lead to the development of practical and effective policy solutions.

The new Portman Center aligns with UC’s strategic direction toward enhancing academic excellence and bringing opportunities to students. With the launch of the Portman Center and its promise of bipartisan engagement, the university will solidify its place among top institutions seeking to increase our collective understanding and respect for civility amidst sometimes difficult but necessary conversations.

Featured image at top/Michael Keating for the UC Foundation

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